The Inspector displays the constructor parameters, properties and events of the selected object in the Designer or DataView. It also displays the parent child relationship of container controls when appropriate.
The selected object can be changed in the Parent view.

Apologies for the current sluggish refresh of the Inspector when objects are selected.


 These are the pages in the inspector:
Constructor Parameters for the constructor of the object. Some of these parameters are also accessable at run time and these will reflect changes at design-time.
Other parameters like for example Style will only reflect changes the next time the frame is recreated from source, so don't worry if you don't see your changes immediately. This will change in the future.
Properties This is usually the list of Get* / Set* methods an object supports. Additional properties may be defined in a objects Companion class.
Events This page is divided in three parts:
Categories (top left) Logical groupings of related macros
Macros (top right) Event connection functions of the form EVT_*
Definitions (bottom) List of defined (connected) events for the selected control. To delete select (delete) from the drop-down and it will be deleted on posting of the frame.
Parent This page shows the parent/child relationship of container controls. By selecting a different item the Inspector and the Designer will change their selection to the newly selected item.