Key Definitions

Keys are usually available in the view they apply to. These are the current key definitions:
Function Available in Key
Context help Source view F1
Toggle breakpoint Source view F5
Compile module to pyc Source view F7
Debug Source view, Application view F8
Run application Source view (of modules opened from application), Application view F9
Run module Source view F10
Switch to Inspector Source view, Designer view, Editor F11
Toggle Designer / Editor Designer view, Editor, Inspector F12
Find Source view, Application view Ctrl - F
Find again Source view F3
Open module Editor Ctrl - O
Save module Any module Ctrl - S
Save as... Any module Alt - S
Indent code Source view Ctrl - I
Dedent code Source view Ctrl - U
Comment code Source view Alt - 3
Uncomment code Source view Alt - 4
Switch to Application view Any module opened from application Alt - A
Add item Application view, Collection editors Insert
Delete item Application view, Collection editors, Designer Delete
Refresh Source view, Collection editors Ctrl - R
Property editor navigation Inspector Cursor keys and Enter

The default action of a view, usually activated by double clicking is similarly triggered on the keyboard by pressing Enter.